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ANSYS 16.0 is being released today 27/01/2015








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Flow modeling with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software lets you visualize and predict physical phenomena related to the flow of any substance. It is widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, and biomedical applications to analyze:

        ·        manufacturing processes,

·        device performance,

·        physiological flows,

·        fluid-structure interactions,

·        the effectiveness of drug delivery systems, etc.

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Ansys provides a full spectrum of problem solving products for the electronics industry.


The Ansys'  flagship CFD software, ANSYS-FLUENT, as well as the electronics industry custom-designed ANSYS-ICEPAK suite, offer high-performance electronics cooling solutions covering a wide range of real life problems on any level:  
         ·        Component,

·        Board,

·        Package,

·        System.


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 Defense industries is the premier area of application of CFD, being the second domain (after automotive) to be "penetrated" by CFD. Our customers are engineers first and foremost. CFD is their flow modeling tool of choice. Many had never used CFD before their first successful analyses with ANSYS-FLUENT.

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To meet the vast fluid flow modeling needs of a broad spectrum of industries around the world, Ansys has been at the forefront of developing and driving computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for more than two decades. Diverse modeling capabilities allow Ansys' software products to tackle problems from most major industry sectors.


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Protecting and improving the quality of our environment today requires innovative design solutions that establish compliance with ever-expanding and more stringent regulations. Flow modeling with Ansys' computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software helps you tackle your environmental flow problems in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


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Within the built environment, it is critical to assess a number of important building characteristics at the design stage, including the ability to improve the energy efficiency of a building, quantify solar radiation effects, analyze wind flow effects, study possible fire and smoke hazard scenarios, and predict occupant comfort.


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