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Welcome to J-ROM Ltd. 
J-ROM Ltd. is an Israeli company providing industry and the engineering community with state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solutions. It is an engineering consultant and software distributor of CFD. We distribute,  provide training and technical support for the following products from Flow Science Inc.
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FLOW-3D is a general purpose CFD software for the solution of fluid dynamics and heat transfer problems in many engineering disciplines and industrial applications. Among its strengths are  the  ease of solution and accuracy of free surface flows, as well as allowing within a FLOW-3D simulation general moving objects (GMO) with six degrees of freedom. The GMO model of FLOW-3D is unique in commercial CFD software. 


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FLOW-3D/MP utilizes high-performance computing (HPC) for the solution of large CFD problems. It is developed and optimized with the most advanced multi-core architecture.




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FLOW-3D Cast is a simulation software for metal casting processes based on FLOW-3D, which has a special user-friendly interface for these applications. It has the best free-surface flow simulation capability and contains a variety of models including algorithms for lost foam casting, non-Newtonian fluids, and thermal die casting. 


Consultancy work is performed in various fields, using a variety of CFD and other software (such as evacuation simulation). One such example is Fire Safety in shopping centers, warehouses, road tunnels and rail tunnels and stations. We perform also evacuation modeling and strategies.


 CFD Applications

Fire Safety

CFD software can aid in planning for optimal placements of sprinklers, detectors, fans, and other fire fighting equipment. Different kinds of fires can be analyzed as well as back drafts and flashovers. The results may then be transferred to evacuation software in order to obtain evacuation times and escape strategies.






The biomedical and pharmacetutical industries often encounter challenging flow and heat transfer problems. CFD is used in these fields for understanding the underlying physics, improving design of medical devices and troubleshooting. Some examples are bio flow and heat transfer in the human body, design of surgical tools and transplants, mixing in stirred vessels, or tackling nonlinear scale-up problems in drugs production.





One of the main concerns in all electronic systems is thermal management. As electronic systems become more complex, more compact but possessing high power, CFD can be used to identify heat-up of critical components and to investigate alternative designs.




Defense industries extensively use CFD in many applications. Some examples are external and internal aerodynamics of an aircraft, anti-icing systems, fuel sloshing in tanks, avionics cooling, contaminant control, engine and exhaust design, hydraulics of components such as valves, pumps, or piping.





CFD is utilized to solve problems in a wide range of industries, e.g. power generation, metal casting, ink jets, consumer products, appliances, food and beverage, fuel cells, pumps and turbo-machinery.  




CFD is now a commonly employed tool for analyzing pollutant dispersion, air and water quality, coastal and flood modelling and management, river scouring and effluent, wind flow around buildings and pedestrians comfort, It is also used for the design of data centers, climate controlled clean rooms and HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems in buildings.





CFD in civil engineering is increasingly achieving acceptance for a wide range of applications. Some application examples are: hydraulic engineering, energy systems, irrigation systems, component simulation, air and water pollution dispersion, fire safety analyses, solar systems and solar radiation effects on buildings.


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